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Climbing Wall, Bouncer, Carnival Games, and More!

For an unforgettable weekend of phun and the best phamily entertainment value around, head for Phelan Phamily Phun Days.  Kids of all ages will phlip over the action-packed amusements and phun in the Phun Zone.

Enjoy several interactive attractions and carnival games.  It's a "can't miss" event for families.  Kids will have the thrill of a lifetime on these amazing attractions.  There'll be lots to do and it all adds up to a total phun time for kids and families at Phelan Phamily Phun Days.

Have a Phantastic Time In The Phun Zone

Saturday, October 6 & Sunday, October 7

Phun Zone

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CLIMBING WALL: Challenge your opponents to reach the top of the wall.  Test your fear of heights and your climbing skills as you grab and step onto "rocks" protruding from the wall while edging upward towards the summit.  No worry! You're safety monitored and carefully restrained from below.

GIANT SLIDE: Sure to thrill, climb to the top of the slide, get the adrenaline flowing and let go, sliding straight down this steep slide.  

OBSTACLE COURSE:  Challenge yourself through several different types of obstacles.  Dive, squeeze, dodge, scramble, and duck through obstacles to emerge as the victor! 

ORBITRON:  Also known as a human gyroscope, riders are strapped into the center ring the ride operator, then spin in three different directions at once giving the feeling of weightlessness.  Human gyroscopes were first used by NASA and the US Air Force to train pilots and astronauts.

BOUNCE HOUSE: The old standby, everyone loves a bounce house.  Jump and bounce with your buddies and compete for the best trick bounce.

PLUS CARNIVAL GAMES:  Test your skill at several games including a Dime Toss, Fishing Game, Ring Toss and more.  If you're good enough, you might even win a prize.